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Hungary Golden Visa

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Discover Hungary: The Ultimate Investment Destination and Gateway to Europe


Nestled in the heart of Europe, Hungary is a land of rich cultural heritage, dynamic economic growth, and strategic opportunities. As an investor, finding the right country to secure your future while maximizing returns is crucial. Hungary stands out as the premier choice, offering not only lucrative investment prospects but also the coveted Golden Visa, granting you unparalleled access to the European Union. Here's why Hungary is the best country to invest in and obtain the Golden Visa.

Robust Economy and Investment Opportunities

Hungary boasts one of the fastest-growing economies in Central Europe. With a GDP growth consistently outpacing the EU average, the country provides a fertile ground for diverse investment opportunities. Key sectors such as real estate, technology, manufacturing, and renewable energy are thriving, offering high returns on investment. Budapest, the capital, is rapidly emerging as a hub for innovation and startups, attracting global investors looking to capitalize on its vibrant ecosystem.

The government's pro-business policies, including tax incentives and a streamlined bureaucracy, further enhance the investment climate. The corporate tax rate is one of the lowest in the EU at 9%, and the investment-friendly environment is bolstered by Hungary's strategic location, providing easy access to major European markets.

Strategic Location and Connectivity

Hungary's central location makes it a logistical dream. As a member of the Schengen Area, Hungary provides seamless access to the entire European Union. Its well-developed infrastructure, including extensive road, rail, and air networks, ensures excellent connectivity across the continent. This strategic advantage not only facilitates business operations but also enhances the quality of life for investors and their families.

High Quality of Life

Investing in Hungary is not just about financial returns; it’s about enhancing your lifestyle. The country offers a high standard of living, combining affordability with quality. Budapest is renowned for its historical charm, world-class cultural scenes, and vibrant social life. Excellent healthcare, top-tier international schools, and a safe environment make it an ideal place for families.

Hungary’s natural beauty, from the picturesque Danube River to its scenic countryside, provides endless recreational opportunities. The rich culinary scene, thermal baths, and festivals add to the country's allure, making it a delightful place to call home.

Golden Visa Program: Your Gateway to Europe

Hungary’s Golden Visa program is one of the most attractive in Europe. By making a qualifying investment, investors and their families gain residency rights, with the potential to obtain permanent residency and citizenship. The process is straightforward, transparent, and efficient, often completed within a few months.

Investing in Hungary means more than just securing your financial future; it means gaining access to the heart of Europe, enjoying a superior quality of life, and providing a prosperous future for your family. With its robust economy, strategic location, high living standards, and the attractive Golden Visa program, Hungary is undoubtedly the best country to invest in. Embrace the opportunity today and open the door to a world of possibilities in Hungary.

The Golden Visa provides numerous benefits:

  • Visa-free travel: Enjoy unrestricted travel across the Schengen Zone, enhancing both business and leisure opportunities.

  • Family inclusion: The visa extends to immediate family members, ensuring a secure future for your loved ones.

  • Path to citizenship: After a period of residency, investors can apply for Hungarian citizenship, unlocking the full benefits of EU citizenship.

Hungary Golden Visa: how to obtain a residence permit by investment


Hungarian Golden Visa Investment options:

  • investing €250,000 in a local real estate investment fund — available from July 1st, 2024;

  • purchasing real estate for €500,000 — available from January 1st, 2025;

  • donating €1,000,000 to a public trust that supports universities and colleges in Hungary.

9 advantages of the Hungary residency by investment program

1. Travel freedom. Hungarian residents can spend up to 90 days within 180 in any other Schengen Area state.

2. Opportunity to live, work and study in the European Union. Obtaining a residence permit in Hungary will allow applicants to stay in the country for an indefinite amount of time. Holders of Hungary residence permits can get a job or start a business in the country, while their children can attend schools or enroll in local universities without an additional student visa.

3. No minimum stay requirement. As currently understood, the terms of the program do not stipulate that the investor spends any time in Hungary after obtaining the 10-year residence permit. It probably will not impact their chances of renewing the permit for the same period.

4. Fast application process. The application process could take up to 2 months before the investors receive their residence permit cards.

5. No capital risk. The investment condition can be fulfilled after the applicant receives the Guest Investor Visa.

6. Residency for the whole family. The investor’s spouse and children under 18.

7. No language tests. Applicants will not be required to confirm even basic knowledge of the Hungarian language.

8. Open to all nationalities. Hungary welcomes citizens of all countries except EU and EEA nationals to participate in the program.

9. Path towards citizenship. Foreigners can obtain permanent residency in Hungary after three years of legally residing in the country. Eight years of living in Hungary with a permanent residence permit and a registered address leads to becoming eligible for Hungary citizenship by naturalization. However, it’s yet to be determined whether naturalization rules will apply to Golden Visa holders and whether they will be able to obtain citizenship.

Requirements for Hungary Guest Investor Visa applicants

To make the first step towards becoming a Hungary resident and obtain the Guest Investor Visa, the applicant must:

  • have a valid passport, the documents for a return trip or a transit, and financial means to cover the costs of food, accommodation and travel during the entire period of stay;

  • justify the purpose of the entry and stay in Hungary;

  • be insured for the full range of medical services or able to cover the costs of medical care;

  • not be subject to expulsion or prohibition of entry and residence, or not threaten state policy, public safety, national security or health interests of Hungary;

  • also not be subject to a Schengen Information System alert.

The Guest Investor Visa is issued to foreigners whose entry is in the national economic interest due to their investment in Hungary. If the investor’s country of citizenship has a visa-waiver agreement with Hungary, obtaining a Guest Investor Visa can be omitted.


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Office: Avenida 25 de Abril, Nr.805, 2-D,

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Phone: (+351) 916 008 844 (WhatsApp Available)

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